Bid Tabulations

Bid Tabulations will become available for public review/copying after the opening and reading of the bids has occurred. Please note that the information found on the posted Bid Tabulation may change due to bid mistakes, bid withdrawals, determination of non-responsiveness or non-responsible bidders.

Technical and Cost Proposals (“Proposal”) may be excepted from disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act (TPIA). METRO will automatically submit to the Attorney General’s office, requests received for review/copies of any Proposal. The Attorney General will issue a ruling on whether the Proposal is public information in approximately 45 days. If you wish to submit a request for inspection/copying of any Proposal, please submit your written request, with the RFP number to the following email address: Or you may fax your request to: 713-739-4699 (Attn: Jacqueline Hojem, Public Information Coordinator) Or you may mail your written request to: Jacqueline Hojem, Public Information Coordinator, PO BOX 61429, Houston, Texas 77208-1429.

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Solicitation No.TitleDue Date 
IFB 402200010645" Guillotine Paper Cutter 05/25/2022
IFB 4022000045Martin Luther King (MLK) at Griggs Sculpture Relocation 05/16/2022
IFB 402200042Bus Safety Barriers Design, Construction, and Installation 05/04/2022
IFB 402200042Bus Safety Barriers Design, Construction, and Installation 05/04/2022
IFB 4022000091Purchase and Delivery of Rail Parts for Metro's Rail Vehicles 05/04/2022
IFB4022000061Allison Dual Power Inverter Modules 04/13/2022
IFB 4022000086Three (3) Restroom Trailers 03/30/2022
IFB 4022000072Landscape Maintenance for METRO Undeveloped Properties 03/30/2022
IFB 4022000057Landscape Maintenance for METRORAIL Line Transit Centers and Park & Rides 03/23/2022
IFB 4022000004Purchase and Delivery of Pet Single Sleeve Module Assemblies for METRO's Hybrid Vehicles 02/15/2022
IFB 4022000035Purchase and Delivery of Bus Brake Parts for Metro's Transit Vehiclles 02/15/2022
IFB4022000023Addition of Third Elevator at Burnett Transit CenterCasa De Amigos Station 02/10/2022
IFB 4022000031Purchase and Delivery of Falcon UPS Parts for Metro's Rail Signal Cabinets 01/26/2022
IFB 402200002156 Boost Construction 01/26/2022
IFB 4022000016Southeast Corridor Bike Amenities 01/26/2022
IFB 402200001354 Boost Construction 01/19/2022
IFB 4022000017Class 1 and 2 Waste Removal 12/29/2021
IFB 4022000015Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Construction Contracts 12/18/2021
IFB 4022000014H1 LRV Operator Cab Seats 12/15/2021
IFB 4022000006Purchase of METRO Standard Bus Shelter Parts 12/01/2021
IFB 4022000001Elevator/Escalator Maintenance ,Inspections and Repairs for METRO's Public Facilities 11/17/2021
IFB 4021000163Purchase and Delivery of Electric Paratransit Vans and Chargers 11/17/2021
IFB 4021000171Elevator Maintenance, Inspection & Repair 11/04/2021
IFB 4021000157Red Line Tactile Replacement 11/03/2021
IFB 4021000150Purchase and Delivery of Electric Buses and Chargers 11/01/2021
4021000137Maintenance and Repair of HVAC Equipment for METRO's Facilities 08/25/2021
IFB 4021000134Purchase and Delivery of Back Up Fuel During Disaster Recovery 08/04/2021
4021000136Purchase of CNG Fuel for Buses 07/29/2021
4021000138Red Lane Traffic Marking for Bus (Pilot Program) 07/28/2021
IFB 4021000114Purchase and Delivery of Allison Transmissions For Metro'sTransit Vehicles 05/12/2021
IFB 4021000103Purchase and Delivery of Tire Kits for Metro's Rail Vehicles 05/12/2021
IFB 4021000089Purchase and Delivery of Turbos and Actuators 05/12/2021
IFB 4021000103Purchase and Delivery of Tire Kits for Metro's Rail Vehicles 05/12/2021
IFB 4021000039Purchase and Delivery of A/C Recovery Machines 03/10/2021
IFB 4021000046Polycarbonate Panels for Bus Shelters 03/03/2021
4021000041Revenue Bus Fleet Pest Control Services 01/20/2021
IFB 4021000021Zone 1 Universal Accessibility Bus Stop Improvements 12/16/2020
IFB 4021000022Zone 2 Universal Accessibility Bus Stop Improvements 12/16/2020
IFB 4021000028Zone 3 Universal Accessibility Bus Stop Improvements 12/16/2020
4021000029Zone 4 Universal Accessibility Bus Stop Improvements 12/16/2020
4021000030Zone 5 Universal Accessibility Bus Stop Improvements 12/16/2020
4021000031Zone 6 Universal Accessibility Bus Stop Improvements 12/16/2020
IFB- 4020000200Collection Transportation and Rail Dispoal Of Solid Waste 12/16/2020
IFB 4021000032Purchase and Delivery of BODE Parts fro Metro's Rail Vehicles 12/02/2020
IFB 4021000006High Impact Acrylic Domes 12/02/2020
IFB 4021000032Purchase and Delivery of Bode Parts for Metro's Rail Vehicles 12/02/2020
4020000174B.O.O.S.T Pilot Project 10/21/2020
IFB 4020000194Burnett Transit Center Elevator (Addition of a Third Eleveator) 10/14/2020
4020000186Cleaning and Disinfecting Buses at Operatimg Facilities 10/10/2020
4020000143Purchase of Rail Line Pedestrian Collapsible Poles 09/02/2020
IFB 4020000171LRV Cleaning at Fannin South & Northline Rail Platforms 09/02/2020
4020000136Traffic Signal Mast Arm Upgrade 08/05/2020
4020000135Kelley Street Rail Repairs 07/29/2020
IFB 4020000141H! & H# LRV Passenger Seat Inserts 07/29/2020
4020000088Cambridge Signals and Ramp Reconstruction 06/03/2020
IFB 4020000093Purchase and Delivery of Thermo King Parts 06/03/2020
IFB 4020000112Gentex Scaffold Sytems 05/21/2020
4020000031Petroleum Storage Tank System Repairs 05/13/2020
4020000068Purchase of a Light Duty Flatbed Truck with Articulating Crane 03/18/2020
IFB 4020000073MetroStar Vanpool Vehicles Decal Manufacturing 03/18/2020
4019000141Purchase of Low Floor Paratransit Vans 02/19/2020
4020000011Polk BOF Oil Water Separator Rehabilitation 02/12/2020
4020000035Generator Preventative Maintenance 01/22/2020
IFB 4020000041Field Service Center Roof Replacement 01/22/2020
40190000124Rehabilitation of Waste Treatment Plant at Hiram Clark BOF 01/08/2020
4020000002Red Line Tie Replacement, Drainage & Subgrade Improvements 12/18/2019
4020000001Leeland Bike Lane Construction 11/20/2019
IFB 4020000021Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Diesel Engine Fuel Injectors for Metro Transit Vehicles 11/20/2019
4019000172Inspection, Repair & Preventative Maint. Services on Uninterruptible Power Sys (UPS) and Battery Sys at METRO Facilities 11/13/2019
4020000003Universal Accessibility Construction 11/13/2019
4019000178Purchase and Delivery Of Allison DPIM's 10/24/2019
4019000173Emergency Decontamination or Remediation Services 10/23/2019
4016000174Purchase of Light Duty Servics Body Truck and Hy-Rail Equipped Lifgr Duty Bucket Truck with Service Body 10/16/2019
4019000161North Corridor Barrier 10/09/2019
4019000176North Post Oak BRT Connection 10/09/2019
IFB 4019000151Cleaning Services for Metrolift Vehicles at FSC and Hiram Clarke 09/25/2019
4019000147Metrolift Subsidized Program (MSP) & Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Taxicab Services 09/18/2019
4019000142Repair & Service of Submersible Lift Pumps 09/12/2019
4019000143Natural Disaster Emergency Debris Removal Services 09/12/2019
40190000115Kashmere Bus Operating Facility Transformer Rehabilitations 09/11/2019
IFB 4019000144Replacement of Traction Power Substation 09/11/2019
4019000118Landscaping Services for One Time Clean-Up of the Kelley HOV By-Pass 08/14/2019
4019000114Landscaping Services for Various Undeveloped Properties 08/14/2019
4019000146Purchase and Delivery of Cummins Engines for METRO's Transit Vehicles 08/01/2019
4019000109Accessibility Improvements at METRO Downtown Transit Center 07/25/2019
4019000131Bus Window Graphics Installation and Removal 07/25/2019
4019000132KATHON FP 1.5 FUEL BIOCIDE 07/10/2019
4019000107Underground Storage Tank Cleaning Services 06/26/2019
4019000112Purchase and Delivery of Axle Assemblies 06/20/2019
4019000112Purchase and Delivery of Axle Assemblies 06/06/2019
IFB 4019000106Track Geometry Services 06/05/2019
4019000102Bike Path and Sidewalk Improvements Red Line Cavalcade Between Irvington and Airline 05/22/2019
4019000076Purchase of Six (6) Police Motorcycles 04/25/2019
4019000048Landscaping Services For All Support Facilities And Rail Operations Facilities 04/25/2019
IFB 4019000062Purchase of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel & 87 Octane Unleaded Gasoline 04/03/2019
4019000047Landscaping Maintenance Services for Various Undeveloped Property 03/20/2019
4019000049Construction of NWTC Reconfiguration Phase 1B 03/20/2019
4019000051MYSTERY RIDER PROGRAM 03/13/2019
4019000015High Visibility Crosswalk Striping at Various Intersections 02/14/2019
4019000021Cleaning of the Storm Water Oil Water Separators 02/13/2019
4019000026Purchase of Light Duty Armored Trucks 01/31/2019
4019000024Bus Stop Improvement 01/24/2019
4019000020 COFFEE SUPPLIES 01/17/2019
4019000019Landscaping Services for METRO's Public Facilities 12/19/2018
4019000017Non-Hazardous Class I and II Waste Removal 12/05/2018
4018000236Moody Park Driveway Project 11/29/2018
4018000222Maintenance and Repair of METRO's Public Facilities' Elevators and Escalators 11/14/2018
4018000224Maintenance and Repair of the Elevators at METRO's Operating Facilities 11/14/2018
4019000004Signal & Communication Battery Bank Replacement at Red Line 10/31/2018
4019000004Signal & Communication Battery Bank Replacement at Red Line 10/31/2018
4018000225Daily Cleaning Services for METRO's Transit Centers and Park and Rides 10/18/2018
4018000230Rail Operations Center (ROC) Yard Track Build Out 10/04/2018
4018000192Laboratory Testing and Analysis of Fluids Gases and Waste Liquids 09/26/2018
4018000146Life Safety System Inspections & Repair of Operating & Support Facilities 09/13/2018
4018000228Purchase & Delivery of Safety Vision Parts 09/12/2018
4018000173Repair of Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) 319 09/12/2018
4018000212Purchase & Delivery of Lamps 08/22/2018
4018000187Southeast Corridor Bike and Sidewalk Enhancement Project 08/16/2018
4018000152Maintenance and Repair of METROS Facilities HVAC Systems 08/16/2018
4018000111Purchase, Delivery and Installation of Flat Glass 08/16/2018
4018000189Rehabilitate Northwest Bus Operating Facility Bus Wash System 08/15/2018
4018000209Main Street Traffic Signals Upgrades 08/09/2018
4018000153Plumbing and HVAC On-Call Service for 1900 Main Street 08/09/2018
4018000182Purchase & Delivery of Bolster Assembly 08/08/2018
4018000190Purchase of Cummin ISL Engines 07/25/2018
4018000148Purchase and Delivery of Complete Motor Bearings 07/19/2018
4018000162Purchase of Paratransit Vans 07/12/2018
4018000186Purchase & Delivery of Air Bags 07/11/2018
4018000162Paratransit Vehicles 07/11/2018
4018000184PURCHASE OF SMART CARDS 07/11/2018
4018000165LRV CAB CAMERA PROJECT 06/28/2018
4018000142Purchase & delivery of ZF Transmission Parts 06/27/2018
4018000141Purchase & Delivery of Bumpers 06/27/2018
IB4018000131Water Treatment Services 06/27/2018
4018000154Purchase of Heavy-Duty Under Lift Wreckers and Light Duty Armored Trucks with Cargo Body 06/06/2018
4018000107Purchase & Delivery of Center Truck Bearing Assemblies 05/30/2018
4017000244Magnolia Transit Center Construction 05/24/2018
4017000244Magnolia Transit Center Construction 05/24/2018
4018000125Upgrade of Pull Boxes on LRT Red Line 05/17/2018
4018000126Upgrade of Motor-Operated Disconnects on LRT Red Lines 05/17/2018
4018000139Purchase & Delivery of A/C Compressor Kits 05/16/2018
4018000123Purchase & Delivery of Shock Absorbers 05/16/2018
4018000140Purchase & Delivery of Filters 05/16/2018
4018000113Purchase & Delivery of Receivers & Transmitters 04/25/2018
4018000106Center Truck Bearing Assemblies 04/18/2018
4018000094Cellular Mobile Routers 03/21/2018
4018000092Purchase & Delivery of Brake Drums 03/21/2018
4018000098Purchase & Delivery of Slack Adjusters 03/21/2018
4018000104Cleaning of the Storm Water Oil Water Separator 03/08/2018
4018000073Bluetooth Beacon Installation 03/05/2018
4018000082Downtown Station Safety Railing SE & EE 03/05/2018
4018000064BACKUP FUEL 02/08/2018
4018000027Purchase & Delivery of Seat Parts 01/03/2018
4017000010Purchase of Low Floor Axles 12/20/2017
4018000010Purchase and Delivery of Low Floor Axles for METRO's Rail Cars 12/20/2017
IFB4017000267Courier Services 12/19/2017
4018000023Purchase & Delivery of Belts 12/07/2017
4018000022Purchase & Delivery Of Diesel Particulate Filters 12/07/2017
4018000028Purchase & Delivery of Niehoff Alternator Parts 12/06/2017
IB4018000035Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Waste 12/05/2017
4018000004WHEEL TRUING MACHINE 12/05/2017
4018000262Purchase & Delivery of Detroit Diesel Engine Parts 11/30/2017
40117000263Purchase & Delivery of Reliabilt Parts 11/30/2017
4017000270Purchase & Delivery of Bearings 11/01/2017
4017000248Purchase of Carrier A/C Parts 10/04/2017
4017000251Purchase of Inventory Bus Fluids 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000246Purchase and Delivery of Meritor Parts 09/28/2017
4017000241Purchase & Delivery of Mobile Climate Control Parts 09/20/2017
4017000204Purchase and Delivery of Mirrors, Mirror Assemblies and Mirror Parts for Transit Vehicles 08/02/2017
4017000205FUEL TRANSPORT SERVICES 07/10/2017
4017000198Purchase & Delivery Stemco wheel Parts 06/29/2017
4017000169Purchase & Delivery of Glass 06/22/2017
4017000170Installation And Removal Of Bus Window Graphics 06/08/2017
4017000197Purchase & Delivery of Disposable Paper Towels 06/08/2017
401000167Purchase & Delivery of Thermo King A/C Parts 06/07/2017
4017000171Purchase Of HVAC Refrigerant Recovery And Recycle Systems For Metro Transit Buses 05/15/2017
4017000141Purchase & Delivery of Carrier (HUB) Assemblies 04/19/2017
4017000151Purchase & Delivery of Air Bags 04/19/2017
4017000151Air Bags 04/19/2017
4017000151Air Bags 04/19/2017
4017000116Purchase & Delivery of Radiators 03/30/2017
4017000086Purchase of Multi-Purpose and Specialty Paper 03/14/2017
4017000138KATHON FP 1.5 FUEL BIOCIDE 03/14/2017
4017000124Purchase and Delivery of Pantograph Assemblies for METRO's Rail Cars 03/09/2017
4017000113Coffee Supplies 03/06/2017
4017000072Purchase of Catalyst Exhaust Modules 02/22/2017
4017000043BUS STOP IMPOROVEMENT 01/24/2017
IFB16029Purchase & Delivery of Compact Converters 10/05/2016
IB1600059Generator Preventative Maintenance 10/04/2016
IFBMM16028Lithium Battery Modules for Hybrid Buses 09/22/2016
IFBMM16026Purchase & Delivery of CPUs & Cable Sets for Rail Cars 09/14/2016
IB1600052Bochum Rail Tire Kits 07/29/2016
IB1600048Lift Pump Repair 07/27/2016
IB1600045Purchase of Inventory Bus Fluids 07/25/2016
IB1600036Landscape Service for All Support Facilities and Rail Operating Facilities 06/30/2016
IB1600014CNG Gas Detection and Alarm Systems Construction for Fallbrook Bus Operating Facility 06/29/2016
IB1600033Purchase of Ploycarbonate Panels for Bus Shelters 05/03/2016
IB1600034Purchase of Liberty Series L-12-100-BST Batteries 04/19/2016
IB1900019Purchase of Plotter Supplies 03/29/2016
IFBMM16018Purchae & Delivery of Filters 03/16/2016
IFBMM16014Purchase & Delivery of Saft Battery Assemblies 03/09/2016
IFBMM16013Purchase & Delivery of Brake Shoes w/ Lining 03/02/2016
IFBMM16012Purchase & Delivery ZF Transmission Parts 02/10/2016
IFBMM16016Purchase & Delivery of Lamps 02/10/2016
IFBMM16011Purchase & Delivery of Meritor Parts 02/10/2016
IFBMM16008Purchase & Delivery of brake Drums 02/09/2016
IFBMM 1610Purchase & Delivery of Compact Inverter (Kernel) 01/20/2016
IB1600004Cleaning Transit Centers and Park & Rides 01/05/2016
IB1600012Elevator and Escalator Maintenance Repair and Inspections 12/29/2015
IFBMM16004Purchase & Delivery of Air Bags 12/16/2015
IFBMM16007Purchase of Type 8D Batteries 12/09/2015
IFBNN16005Purchase & Delivery of Windshield Wiper Parts 12/09/2015
IFBMM16003Purchase & Delivery of Shock Absorbers 12/09/2015
IFBMM16006Purchase & Delivery of Bendix Parts 12/09/2015
IFBMM16007Purchase, Delivery & Installation of Tempered Flat Glass 11/11/2015
IFBMM16002Purchase & Delivery of Bumpers 11/04/2015
IFBMM15023Purchase of transmission Parts 10/28/2015
IFBMM15021Purchase & Delivery of HVAC Overhaul Kits for Rail Trains 10/21/2015
IFBMM15016Purchase & Delivery of Allison Hybrid Battery Refresher Kits & Conversion Kits 10/21/2015
IFBMM15015Purchase & Delivery of Lint Free Disposable Paper Towels 10/14/2015
IFBMM15022Purchase & Delivery of Cables 10/14/2015
IFBMM15018Purchase & Delivery of Pantograph Overhaul Kits 09/08/2015
IFBMM15019Brake Chambers 09/02/2015
IFBNN15017Diesel Particulate Filters 08/26/2015
IB1500048Cleaning of New METRORail Station Platforms 08/20/2015
IB1500054Purchase of Pickup Trucks 07/27/2015
IFBMM15013Purchase & Delivery of Stemco Seals, Nuts & Hubometers 06/10/2015
IB1500031Construction of El Dorado Park & Ride 06/09/2015
IB1500034Purchase of Inventory Bus Fluids 06/02/2015
IFBMM15011Purchase & Dekivery of Reliabilt Engine Parts 05/13/2015
IFBMM15010Alternators & Regulators 04/23/2015
IFBMM15009Carrier A/C Parts 04/22/2015
IFBMM15008Purchase & Delivery of Belts 04/01/2015
IFBMM15006Purchase & Delivery of Slack Adjusters 03/25/2015
IFBMM15004Purchase & Delivery of Nitrile Gloves 02/04/2015
IFBMM15003Purchase and Delivery of Lithium Battery Cables 01/21/2015
IB1400049Construction of Harrisburg Overpass 01/16/2015
IB1400054Purchase of Multi-Purpose and Specialty Paper 10/22/2014
IFBMM14023Purchase & Delivery of Flat Glass 10/21/2014
IFBMM14024Purchase & Delivery of Bearings 10/15/2014
IFBMM14025Purchase & Delivery of Seat Parts 10/15/2014
IB1400055BAE Hybrid Sysem Extended Warranty & Maintenance Program 09/30/2014
IB1400052Purchase of Rail Sweeper Vehicles 09/19/2014
IFBMM14020Purchase & Delivery of Axletech Parts 09/10/2014
IB1400048Cleaning Service for METROLIFT Vehicles 09/09/2014
IFBMM14019Purchase and Delivery of MCI Parts 09/03/2014
IB1400047Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Waste 09/02/2014
IFBMM14018Purchase and Delivery of Brake Camshafts 08/20/2014
IFBMM14017Purchase & Delivery of Breeze Clamps 08/06/2014
IFBMM14014Purchase & Delivery of Meritor Parts 07/09/2014
IB1400032Courier Services 06/19/2014
IFBMM14013Purchase and Delivery of Allison Transmissions for Hybrid Buses 06/11/2014
IB1400033Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Class 1 Waste 06/11/2014
IFBMM14015Purchase & Delivery of Engines for Transit Vehicles 05/21/2014
IFBMM14016Purchase & Delivery of Mufflers 05/21/2014
IB1400025Purchase and Delivery of Freon 05/21/2014
IB1400024Purchase of Inventory Bus Fluids 05/20/2014
IFBMM14010Purchase & Delivery of Ford Motorcraft Parts 04/23/2014
IB1400018Installation and Removal of Bus Window Graphics 04/02/2014
IFBMM14007Purchase & Delivery of Niehoff Alternators 03/19/2014
IFBMM14008Purchase and Delivery Cummins Engine Parts 03/19/2014
IB1400015Purchase of a Portable Railroad Tie Inserter/Replacer 03/18/2014
IB1400011Removal and replace the overhead roll up doors at Kashmere, Hiram Clarke, Polk and NW BOF's 03/17/2014
IB1400016Purchase of Scissor Lifts, Burden Carriers & Stockchasers 03/05/2014
IFBMM14006Purchase & Delivery of Hydraulic Pump Assemblies & Parts 02/27/2014
IB1400014Purchase of Parts Cleaning Systems 02/17/2014
IB1400010Purchase of Police Motorcycles 02/11/2014
IB1400009Purchase of Stanley Hydraulic Tools 01/30/2014
IFBMM14004Purchase & Delivery of Differential Carrier Assemblies 01/23/2014
IFBMM14005Purchase & Delivery of Detroit Diesel Engine Parts 01/15/2014
IFBMM14003Purchase & Delivery of Vapor Door Parts 01/15/2014
IB1400007Maintenance and Repair of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Equipment 01/10/2014
IB1400004Purchase of 4 Wheel Drive Backhoe Loader Tractor 12/10/2013
IFBMM14002Purchase & Delivery of Slack Adjusters 12/04/2013
IFBMM14001Purchase & Delivery of Carrier A/C Parts 11/20/2013
IFBMM13033Purchase & Delivery of Filters 10/31/2013
IBMM13034Purchase & Delivery of Dessicant Cartridges 10/23/2013
IFBMM13027Purchase and Delivery of Brake Drums 10/17/2013
IB1300056Purchase of Multi Purpose and Speciality Paper 09/10/2013
IFBMM13030Purchase & Delivery of Reliabilt Engine Parts 09/04/2013
IB1300047Purchase of Wireless Post Lifts 08/23/2013
IB1300050Purchase of Dell Computers 08/16/2013
IFBMM13031Purchase & Delivery of ZF Transmission Parts 08/14/2013
IB1300029Preventative Maintenance and Inspections on Generators 08/13/2013
IB1300037Construction of Passenger Shelter Foundations 08/13/2013
IB1300043Lift Pump Repair 08/08/2013
IB1300024Cleaning Services Form METROLIFT and ARBOC Vehicles 07/30/2013
IB1300044Pavement Rehabilitation of Hiram Clarke, Kashmere, Polk and Northwest Bus Operating Facilities (BOF) 07/25/2013
IFBMM13029Purchase & Delivery of Auxiliary Power Supply Unit 07/24/2013
IFBMM13028Purchase, Relining and Delivery of Brake Shoes 07/17/2013
IB1300030Purchase of Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 07/16/2013
IB1300041Elevator and Escalator Maintenance Repair and Inspections 07/11/2013
IB1300035C.A.R.T. Captioning Services 06/26/2013
IB1300034Exterior Coating & Rehabilitation Polk and Northwest BOF 06/26/2013
IB1300040Repair of Non-Revenue Vehicles and Off-Road Equipment 06/20/2013
IB1300026Coffee Services 06/11/2013
IB1300031Bulk Diesel Fuel and Unleaded Gasoline Transport Services 06/11/2013
IB1300032Purchase of Wheel Alignment Machines 06/06/2013
IFBMM13024Purchase & Delivery of Air Bags 06/05/2013
IFBMM13026Purchase & Delivery of Radiator Assemblies 06/05/2013
IFBMM13025Purchase & Delivery of MAN Parts 05/29/2013
IB1300028Purchase of Electric Forklifts and Boom Lifts 05/23/2013
IFBMM13023Purchase & Delivery of Koni Shock Absorbers 05/15/2013
IFBMM13022Purchase & Delivery of Axletech Parts 05/08/2013
IFBMM13016Purchase & Delivery of Bumpers 05/07/2013
IB1300022Rehabilitate Epoxy Floors at Four (4) of METRO's Facilities 04/30/2013
IFBMM13020Purchase & Delivery of Tires for Non-Revenue Vehicles 04/18/2013
IFBMM13021Purchase & Delivery of Windshield Wiper Parts 04/18/2013
IFBMM13019Purchase & Delivery of Lamps 04/17/2013
IB1300021Rail Car Mover 04/12/2013
IFBMM130017Purchase & Delivery of GM Parts 04/10/2013
IFBMM13018Purxhase & Delivery of Sutrak A/C Parts 03/27/2013
IB1300009Purchase of Rail Support Vehicles 03/26/2013
IB1300014Bindery Services 03/26/2013
IFBMM13011Purchase & Delivery of Allison transmission Parts 03/20/2013
IB1300013Purchase and Delivery of Freon R22 03/13/2013
IFBMM13014Purchase & Delivery of Bendix Parts 03/13/2013
IFBMM13015Purchase & Delivery of Mufflers 03/06/2013
IFBMM13004Purchase & Delivery of 8D Batteries 03/06/2013
IFBMM13012Purchase & Delivery of Meritor Axle Parts 03/06/2013
IFBMM13013Purchase & Delivery of MCI Parts 02/27/2013
IFBMM13008Purchase & Delivery of Detroit Diesel Engine Parts 02/12/2013
IB1300012Purchase of Sport Utility Vehicles 02/05/2013
IB1300011Purchase of Off Road Equipment 01/29/2013
IB1300008Tire Lease and Maintenance Services for Transit Vehicles 01/24/2013
IB1300004Purchase of Police and Support Vehicles 01/08/2013
IB1300003Transit Systems Construction Contract 12/03/2012
IB1200040Vendor Managed Inventory 10/16/2012
IB1200036Purchase of Polycarbonate Panels for Bus Shelters 07/30/2012
IFBMM12017Purchase & Delivery of Bearings 07/11/2012
IB1200026Purchase of Diesel Exhaust Fluid 07/06/2012
IB1200032Purchase of Multi Purpose and Specialty Paper 06/27/2012
IB1200031Purchase of Police Motorcycles 06/26/2012
IB1200029Supplies and Equipment for METRO's Police/ATU Group 06/25/2012
IFBMM12014Purchase & Delivery of Defroster Blower Parts 06/13/2012
IB1200018Armored Car Transport Services 06/13/2012
IFBMM12015Purchase & Delivery of Seat Parts 06/06/2012
IB1200027Purchase of NS Bus Wash System Parts 05/29/2012
IB1200012Purchase and Delivery of Office Products 05/24/2012
IB1200024Purchase of Engine Antifreeze/Coolant 05/16/2012
IFBMM12013Purchase & Delivery of Brake Camshafts 05/15/2012
IB1200022Purchase of Off Road Equipment 05/08/2012
IB1200020Purchase of CISCO Network Equipment 05/04/2012
IB1200015Purchase of Lifts, Dollies and Generators 04/24/2012
IB1200019Purchase of Skid Mounted Cold Water Pressure Washer 04/24/2012
IBMM12011Purchase & Delivery of Cummins Engine Parts 04/18/2012
IB1200017Purchase of Multi-Grade Engine Oil, SAE 15W-40 CJ-4 04/03/2012
IFBMM12012Purchase & delivery of Axletech Parts 03/28/2012
IFBMM12010Purchase & Delivery of Brake Chambers for Transit Vehicles 02/22/2012
IB1200010Cleanning Services for METROLift Vehicles 02/02/2012
IB1200008Sale of Scrap Vehicles and Miscellaneous Surplus 01/23/2012
IB1200011Purchase of Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 01/18/2012
IB1200006Purchase of Police and Support Vehicles 01/11/2012
IFBMM12008Purchase & Delivery of Mufflers for Transit Vehicles 01/11/2012
IFBMM12009Purchase & Delivery of Tires for Non-Revenue Vehicles 01/04/2012
IFBMM12007Purchase & Delivery of Sutrak A/C Parts 12/08/2011
IFBMM12002Purchase & Delivery of Meritor Parts for Transit Vehicles 12/01/2011
IFBMM12005Purchase & Delivery of Windshields 11/28/2011
IFBMM12004Purchase and Delivery of Luminator Destination Sign Parts 11/09/2011
IFBMM12003Purchase & Delivery of Type 31 AGM Batteries 11/02/2011
IB1100068Purchase & Delivery of ZF Transmission Parts 10/19/2011
IB1100066Purchase & Delivery of Type 8D Batteries for Transit Vehicles 10/12/2011
IB1100062Purchase & Delivery of MCI Parts 10/12/2011
IB1100063Purchase & Delivery of Haldex Slack Adjusters 10/05/2011
IFBMM12001Purchase & Delivery of Flat Glass for Transit Vehicles 10/03/2011
IB1100064Purchase of Twin Vision Sign Parts for Buses 09/29/2011
IB1100061Purchase & Delivery of Power Steering Assemblies and Parts for Transit Vehicles 09/28/2011
IB1100060Purchase and Delivery of Vapor Door Assemblies and Parts for Transit Vehicles 09/21/2011
IB1100049Purchase of High Impact Acrylic Domes For Passenger Shelters 09/16/2011
IB1100059Hydraulic Fan Pump Assemblies and Parts for Buses 09/14/2011
IB1100024Bindery Services 08/19/2011
IB1100051Purchase of Pedestrian Poles 08/05/2011
IB1100051Purchase of Pedestrian Poles 08/05/2011
IB1100055Bulk Diesel Fuel & Unleaded Gasoline Transport Services 08/03/2011
IB1100052Purchase of Bus Stop Sign Decals 08/03/2011
IB1100048Collection, Transportation and Disposal of Solid Waste 07/12/2011
IB1100045Purchase and Delivery of ZF Transmission Parts for Transit Vehicles 06/23/2011
IB1100044Purchase of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and Equipment 06/08/2011
IB1100043Purchase and Delivery of Desiccant Kits and Parts 06/08/2011
IB1100041Purchase and Delivery of Rear Light Emitting Diode Stop Signs for Buses 06/01/2011
IB1100041Purchase and Delivery od Rear LED Stop Signs 06/01/2011
IB1100037Purchase of Engine Antifreeze/Coolant 05/11/2011
IB1100038Purchase and Delivery of Belts 05/11/2011
IB1100039Purchase & Delivery of Stemco Parts for Buses 05/11/2011
IB1100036Purchase and Delivery of Filters for Transit Vehicles 04/28/2011
IB1100026Fuel Consumption Testing 04/22/2011
IB1100034Purchase and Delivery of Radiators for Transit Vehicles 04/13/2011
IB1100029Purchase of Non Synthetic 85W 140 Differential Gear Oil, API GL-5 EP and Synthetic Differential Gear Oil, API GL-5 04/12/2011
IB1100030Purchase and Delivery of Rebuilt Stators 04/06/2011
IB1100033Purchase and Delivery of Koni Shock Absorbers for Transit Vehicles 04/06/2011
IB1100032Purchase and Delivery of Air Bags for Buses 04/06/2011
IB1100015Sale of Scrap Metal 03/29/2011
IB1100028Purchase of Multi-Grade Engine Oil, SAE 15W-40 CJ-4 03/29/2011
IB1100027Rental of Event Equipment and Accessories 03/15/2011
IB1100016Purchase of Stertil Koni Mobile Lifts Model No. ST-1082-FSF 03/03/2011
IB1100023Purchase of Extended Cab Pickup Trucks 03/01/2011
IB1100019Purchase & Delivery of Bendix Parts for Transit Vehicles 02/23/2011
IB1100018Purchase and Delivery of Brake Kits 02/23/2011
IB1100009Purchase and Delivery of Allison Storage Systems 02/09/2011
IB1100011Purchase and delivery of Type 31 AGM Batteries for Buses 01/26/2011
IB1100010Purchase and delivery of MAN Parts for Buses 01/26/2011
IB1100004Purchase and Delivery of Lamps & Lighting Assemblies for Buses 01/19/2011
IB1100007Purchase and Delivery of Windshield Wiper Assemblies and Windshield Wiper Parts for Buses 01/12/2011
IB1100009Purchase and delivery of Battery Packs for Hybrid Buses 01/10/2011
IB1100006Purchase and Delivery of Bumpers for Transit Vehicles 01/05/2011
IB1100008Purchase and Delivery of Carrier A/C Parts for Buses 12/22/2010
IB1100005Purchase and Delivery of Axletech Parts for Buses 12/15/2010
IB1100003Purchase and Delivery of C.E. Niehoff Parts for Buses 12/08/2010
IB1000005Purchase of Support Vehicles and Police Motorcycles 11/24/2010
IB1100002Purchase of Automated 9-Page Folding Machine 11/19/2010
IB1100001Bus Schedules Printing 11/16/2010
IB1000086Purchase of Full Size Police Patrol SUV's 09/28/2010
IB1000063Purchase and Delivery of Hoses, Hose Assemblies and Hose Kits for Buses 08/18/2010
IB1000062Purchase of Polycarbonate Panels and Media Map Panels for Bus Shelters 08/03/2010
IB1000057Purchase of Freon R22 and R134A 07/27/2010
IB1000064Purchase of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel TxLed 07/16/2010
IB1000065Purchase of 87 Octane Reformulated Gasoline 07/13/2010
IB10000681900 Main Glass Replacement 07/12/2010
IB1000047Trash Containers, Poly Bags and Carboard Slip Sheets 06/23/2010
IB1000027Preventive Maintenance and Inspections on Generators 06/09/2010
IB1000058Purchase of Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid-Castrol Transynd 06/01/2010
IB1000032Non Destructive Rail Testing Services for METRO's Rail 05/27/2010
IB1000048Purchase of Non Synthetic 85W 140 Differential API GL-5 EP and Synthetic Differential Gear Oil, API GL-5 05/11/2010
IB1000041Vegetation Control For METRO Rail Line 05/10/2010
IB1000039METRO Supplied Graphic Installation 04/14/2010
IB1000034Production of Bus Cards, Decals and Window Cling Decals 04/08/2010
IB1000045Purchase of Bus Stop Poles 04/06/2010
IB1000035Coupler Covers 03/25/2010
IB1000037Purchase of Multi-Grade Engine Oil SAE 15W-40 CJ-4 03/09/2010
IB1000014Door Control Units 02/17/2010
IB1000029Fabricate, Deliver and Install Passenger Bus Shelters and Furnish Trash Receptacles 02/02/2010